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FAO Representative


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director-general's bulletin DATE: 20 May 2019 No. 2019/19 FAO REPRESENTATIVE IN MALAWI With the concurrence of the Government of the Republic of Malawi, I have appointed Mr Zhijun Chen as FAO Representative in Malawi effective 1 April 2019. Mr Chen, a national of China, holds a PhD in Farmland Water Conservancy; a Master’s Degree in Fluid Machinery and Fluid Power Engineering, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Irrigation and Drainage from the College of Hydraulic Engineering, Wuhan University, China. He started his career in 1989 as Principal Civil Servant in the Division of Irrigation and Drainage, Department of Rural Water Conservancy and Soil Conservation, Ministry of Water Resources, Beijing, China. In 1996, he joined the Office of the Minister, Ministry of Water Resources, Beijing, as Deputy Director. In 2000, he was appointed Irrigation and Water Management Officer, UN Transitional Administration in East Timor, UN Peace-Keeping Department, Dili, Timor-Leste. From 2002 to 2004, he worked again in the Ministry of Water Resources as Director of the Irrigation and Water Saving Division, Department of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Water Supply until 2003; and Director of Programming Division I, Department of Planning and Programming, until 2004. He joined FAO in 2004 as Water Resources Development and Conservation Officer, at the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP), Bangkok, Thailand. In 2011, he transferred to FAO Headquarters, Rome, as Irrigation and Rural Infrastructure Engineer, Investment Centre Division (TCI). In 2016, he was appointed Senior Irrigation and Rural Infrastructure Engineer of FAO TCI. In 2017, he transferred back to RAP, Bangkok, Thailand as Senior Investment Support Officer (Water and Rural Infrastructure). Mr Chen succeeds Ms Rolle as FAO Representative in Malawi. Staff are reminded that the FAO Representative leads the planning and implementation of FAO programmes and extrabudgetary project activities for the country. As such, the FAO Representative is hereby designated, with immediate effect, to assume budget holder responsibility for all FAO Programmes, including extrabudgetary Projects assigned to the Country, except insofar the Assistant Director-General, Programme Support and Technical Cooperation Department (ADG/PS) chooses to designate otherwise. Activities for the country should be planned in a timely manner, in collaboration with the FAO Representative, so as to allow the development of a coherent country programme. The FAO Representative should be notified in due time of visiting missions that should brief/debrief with the FAO Representation. Briefings should be, as much as possible, on a face-to-face basis. If that is not possible, (de-)briefings can be provided by video/teleconference. Official FAO communications addressed to stakeholders in the country should be sent through the FAO Representative and important correspondence between FAO staff in the country and Headquarters or other Decentralized Offices should be copied to the FAO Representative. Correspondence signed by the Director-General and addressed to Ministers and high-ranking officials should be transmitted through the FAO Representative in conformity with the provisions of the Administrative Manual. José Graziano da Silva Director-General

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