The European Union approves the disbursement of € 4 Million

The EU first payment of its budget support to agriculture

The European Union approved the disbursement of € 4 Million budget to the Georgian state budget. This payment is the first tranche of the Budget Support component of the EU funded ENPARD Programme .

After assessing the situation, the EU has concluded that Georgia is satisfactory progressing in the implementation of the agriculture sector policy and that the conditions set out for the payment of this first tranche are met.

EU Ambassador Philip Dimitrov said: 'We are glad to see that the implementation of Georgia agriculture sector policy shows good progress, including establishment of agriculture service centres in the districts to provide advice an information to the farmers and the submission of new legislation to promote farmers ' cooperatives. All these developments are aligned with the priorities and directions agreed between the EU and the Georgian Government in the ENPARD programme, said

Minister of Agriculture Shalva Pipia emphasized: The European Union is a strategic partner of the Government of Georgia in assisting the development of the agriculture sector. The fact that the EU is assessing positively the implementation of the sector strategy gives as reassurances that we are in the good path towards modernizing the sector and improving the conditions of our small farmers.

The initiative is the part of the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) under which the European Union assists inclusive growth and stability in its Neighbourhood, and promotes agriculture as a foundation for food security, sustainable production and rural employment.

Source: Press Release of Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, 24 June, 2013.