Dairy Project

Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs)

Project Brief

Name of the project:  Controlling Transboundary Animal Diseases in central Asian countries.

Starting: Jan 2005

First phase Ending: Dec.31st. 2007


  • Verification of freedom of Afghanistan from Rinderpest (cattle plague) disease.
  • Find degree of TADs prevalence in the country.
  • Strengthen communication between member countries.
  • Stimulate potential to national Rinderpest contingency plan.
  • Some deficiencies in lab equipment will be addressed.  AGID and ELISA lab will be made functional.

Nature of transboundary animal diseases:

  • These are the diseases that cross national borders and globalize faster.
  • They have high mortality and Morbidity. Their presence in a country will:
    • Reduce animal protein for human consumption.
    • Bring trade embargo or restriction to infected country.
    • Restrict breed import / export.
  • This project is taken on a regional scale because no individual country without the cooperation of its neighbor countries can control either of these diseases. Cooperation of the neighboring country is essential.


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